Magnetic Levitation in the News

Magnetic levitation: New material offers potential for unlocking gravity-free technology
Researchers at the Quantum Machines Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) are studying levitating materials—substances that can remain suspended in a stable position without ... continued..
Magnetic levitation breakthrough unlocks gravity-free technology
OIST researchers create a levitating platform using magnetic levitation, promising ultra-sensitive future sensors. continued..
The world’s most advanced long-term artificial heart is on the cusp of implantation
Using magnetic levitation technology, the world's first long-term artificial heart won't wear out, age or break. It's small enough for ... continued..
Scientists show off gravity-defying breakthrough in magnetic levitation research
Researchers may have unlocked the potential for gravity-free technology. A new study published in Applied Physics Letters highlights how researchers have made huge breakthroughs in … The post ... continued..
Graphite platform levitates without power
Magnetic levitation is used to float everything from lightbulbs to trains, with varying levels of success, but usually it requires a power source. Now, scientists in Japan have developed a way to make ... continued..
Bismuth is so strongly repelled from magnets, it levitates. How?
Magnetic levitation — bismuth's ability to seemingly float between two magnets — is perhaps one of the most interesting. The repulsion between bismuth and the magnets is so strong, it causes ... continued..
The Magnetic Twist: Hybrid Superconductors Unlock Quantum Computing Potential
An international team including researchers from the University of Würzburg has succeeded in creating a special state of superconductivity. This discovery could advance the development of quantum ... continued..
Startup co-founded by Romanian targets EUR 7 mln to advance hyperloop technology for high-speed transportation
Swisspod Technologies, a startup founded by Romanian Denis Tudor and Cyril Dénéréaz, announced a new round of EUR 200,000 on SeedBlink as part of a total funding round of EUR 7 million. The funds will ... continued..
Innovative magnetic levitation: New material offers potential for unlocking gravity-free technology
The most common type of levitation occurs through magnetic fields. Objects such as superconductors or diamagnetic materials (materials repelled by a magnetic field) can be made to float above ... continued..

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